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Thursday, 11 November 2010

time travel.

Its a cold ,wet and windy morning in mid - november. The perfect day for another sojourn into the soul of the Peak District. This time a return trip to Minninglow . The wind is high pushing us along the trail and up the short incline to the Ancient Site. A quick rainstorm powered by the gale forces us under the wall for a few moments .I look over into Staffordshire it is stormy on the horizon we can hardly stand upright yet this is so exhilarating. We laugh and shout under our hoods. The view is immense. A day like this takes some beating. Sky, land, time, space....
The ancient burial chambers and stones greet us .They have been battered by the wild elements of this moorland for thousands of years- signposts to long distant relations who inhabited the land . I guess we are just another couple of visitors from another time.
Another short storm so we shelter by the beech trees grinning joyfully  glad we came. The wind hustles the rain clouds away to the south and the sun appears and we again wonder about the past....and the future.

As we wandered away in the sunlight I mused about our ancestors. Did they have more wisdom than we give them credit for? Certainly this place testifies to a connection with the earth, the sky and the land and their place. Also a connection with the unseen lands hidden beyond our vision. Maybe we could learn something from time travel? Why would they bother with ritual , why was it important to mark time and place?What did they know?
What markers will we leave for future time travellers , what will future generations learn about us. What will our legacy be?