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"a man is a success if he gets up in the morning ,goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do" Bob Dylan.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

almost the end of the year.

December is always a hard month. We work long hours and our days are often extremely intense with the volume of demand from customers. The snow this year presented a different set of difficulties. Just trying to move around and keep warm seemed to exact every ounce of energy. The added complication of -15 temperatures and burst pipes just an added burden. The final insult being an invasion of cold and coughs just after Christmas leaving us weak and fed up. Wasn't Christmas supposed to be about peace, joy and the gift of life?
During this time Elrick of the Clay and Mattaeus visited from Finland . The cold and snow didn't seem to worry them at all!! Discussions for a return visit to Pori next summer were fruitful!
As the year draws to a close here are a couple of lists.
Favourite Books 2010:
Rob Young               "Electric Eden"
"Best of Charles Delint"
Barbara Kingsolver  "The Lacuna"
Ann Kelly                 "The Light at St. Ives"
Sean Wilentz            "Bob Dylan in America"

Favourite Albums 2010:
Telling the Bees        "English Arcanum"
Bob Dylan                "Witmark Demos"
Worm Ourouboros
For a Minor Reflection "holdum att ad Oreidu"
Ralph Towner           "Chiascuro"

Finally my most recent finished works. "Minninglow 1" and "2"!