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Thursday, 14 July 2011

the Potter and the Painter

The Potter and the Painter drank tea in the afternoon and wine in the early hours. they talked of Wabi Sabi and the Art of Impermanence, the Way of the East . They walked  Muddy Waters the dog in the midnight sun and discussed the nature of man and art. Sometimes they were quiet. The Potter mowed his lawn , the Painter and the dog observed this work . They drank more tea and listened to Jazz and Daniel Lanois . In the sauna important concerns were discussed -life, death and art. And there was Tea and the way of the East. No opinions were important , just being.

"sometimes I sit quietly listening to the sound of leaves falling" Ryokan

"everything we do , every gesture and movement, is in fact art" from "Wabi Sabi " the Art of Impermanence.

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