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Thursday, 14 January 2010

This I like a great deal:
".....Julie Nylon popping round to Leith Mansions to present the incapacitated Eno with a gift; a record of 18c. harp music. She would put the record on and leave.An enervated Eno collapsed on his bed only to find the stereo system's amplifier turned down to an almost inaudible level and one of the speakers failing to function at all. Too exhausted to move and make adjustments he would lie there and surrender to fate. Outside a gentle rain fell on the road soaking the park opposite Leith Mansions, the gossamer dripping melting into the indistinct harp music and fusing into a softened aural gauze whose very amorphousness would slowly seduce the drowsy Eno into a musical epiphany". ("On Some Faraway Beach " Orion Books 2008).
Question 1. Can a painting have this effect? Yes art provokes ,inspires, invigorates , angers..but must also have the power to quieten and heal? Mark Rothko springs to mind?
Question 2. Chaos does not have to mean carnage? Chaos as a means of personal change?
Art as an expression of chaotic change..........
Another flurry of activity, a burst of energy.....to what end......

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