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Thursday, 25 March 2010

latest playlist and reading

albums: brian eno "discreet music"
stone breath "the silver skien unwound"
the silver mountzion "kollaps tradixionals"
the violet may white label tracks
jeff johnson "frio suite"
can 'tago mago"
these monsters "call me dragon"
sian alice group "59"
patti smith 'trampin"

reading Robert Bolano "Nazi Literature in the Americas"
Karin v. Maur "The Sound of Painting..music in modern art'

Maur's book on paintng,music and modern art is a wonderful work-the book comes to me at the perfect time as I am in this period of musically influenced work. What is pleasing is that the book justifies and voices my "spiritual intuition"and is given to me at this time not at the beginning of the period. Had I read the book earlier everything would have been colored .At least I know the "Keefagonals"and "Another Green World" series are pure! I have been struggling to explain in tangible terms how these works have emerged, now there is flesh for the bones! Georges Braque says 'when the mystery is absent,poetry is absent too- the quality I value above all others in art" Amen. How about a chapter entitled "The Chromatics of Light and the Rhythm of the Cosmos". dig that brothers and sisters !

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